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Daily CPO

Company:  Ball Corporation

Nogara, VR, IT, 37054

Date:  Mar 3, 2023
Job Category:  Manufacturing/ Operations
Req. ID:  27561


Area of responsibility of this position includes:

  • control functionality and plan/perform maintenance of chemical processes equipment
  • control and improve water consumption and chemical materials usage
  • analyze and improve current technical state of equipment due to business request



Utility Supervisor



  • Plan and perform mechanical and chemical maintenance of washers, waste water treatment plant, coolant filter, waste oil system, drainage and piping systems, mechanical part of washer ovens, osmosis, chemicals dosing systems of cooling tower and washers.
  • Evaluate efficiency of equipment and create long-term plans of improvements.
  • Analyze and optimize maintenance and repair expanses, control spare parts usage, make proposals of improvements to manager.
  • Control materials consumption and develop measures to reduce their usages.
  • Control safety compliance during daily routine, maintenance activities or repair interventions of external and internal workforce.
  • Perform daily checks of machines. Analyze causes of shutdowns. Implement corrections.
  • Monitor reports of crew members regarding occurred problems and provide proper actions to solve it.
  • Organize works in compliance with legislation, corporate rules and policies, current quality, safety, hygiene standards.
  • Assess work of CPO and make a proposals for required trainings.
  • Prepare, review and supervise maintenance plans conjointly with direct supervisor.
  • Prepare plans of corrective actions and report to direct supervisor.
  • Review daily spoilage and initiate a plan of actions to reduce it.
  • Monitor chemical processes parameters with aim to provide proper treatment quality.
  • Participate in development and review of standard operating procedures (SOPs), Job Breakdown Sheets (JBS) and operating instructions for the areas of direct responsibility.
  • Timely prepare required by managers reports about responsible area KPI and analyzes of outcomes.
  • Maintain necessary records of checks and maintenance.
  • Plan and perform trials of new chemicals or new process parameters. Stay in touch with suppliers during trials. Collect all reports and provide conclusion to direct supervisor.
  • Bear responsibility for clean-up, painting and housekeeping duties.
  • Perform other direct manager task regarding responsible area. Corporate Rules and Requirements compliance
  • Comply with Company rules, procedures, policies such as Health & Safety, Hygiene, ethic and others.
  • Failure to perform or improper performance of duties to ensure compliance with safety and hygiene rules will lead to disciplinary action.
  • Implement measures aimed at eliminating and preventing the causes of accidents.
  • Apply principals of current implemented International standards regarding Food defense, Quality, Ecology and Safety management systems.
  • Maintain awareness and comply with environmental and safety systems requirements in the workplace by attending scheduled training sessions.
  • Bear responsibility for compliance with established job safe practices.
  • Understand and respond effectively during fire emergencies by being familiar with emergency procedures, equipment, and systems as necessary.
  • Immediately notify superior manager about any situation that threatens the life and health of people, about every accident that occurs at work, or about the deterioration of your health, including the manifestation of signs of an acute occupational disease.



  • Secondary or high technical education (Degree) in Chemistry
  • Work experience in production or other technical area with chemical is not less than 2 years.
  • Understanding of the operating principles of all assigned equipment.
  • Advanced user computer skills.
  • Intermediate English speaking and writing skills.
  • Working knowledge of:

- profile, product and specialization of the plant, organizational structure;

- specifications, design and operation mode of chemical processes equipment;

- methods and requirements of chemical equipment operation and maintenance;

- methods of maintenance and operation planning;

- safety legislation related to responsible area;

- company policies, procedures, and products;

- production principles, practices, nomenclature, procedures and plant quality standards;

- principals of current implemented International standards regarding Food defense, Quality, Ecology and Safety management systems.

  • Ability to:

- understand technical documentation, drawings and instructions;

- identify product defects and process deviations from normal operation;

- work independently within the parameters set by management;

- organize work of other people;

- effectively create and maintain a teamwork environment;

- meet deadlines, concentrate, and pay attention to detail;

- recognize and define problems, analyze and evaluate complex information from a number of sources to arrive at conclusions;

- understand, make written and verbal instructions and perform required calculations;

- communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing;

- operate measurement tools and instruments.

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